25.02.2010 []

ACCESSRU - supporting the access of EU researchers to the Russian Federation

ACCESSRU is one of 11 recently launched projects supporting the access of EU researchers to third country S&T programmes. Scientific ties between Europe and Russia have always been very tight: Russia has 16 ongoing bilateral S&T cooperation agreements with the Member States and Associated Countries.

A cooperation agreement with the European Commission aims to create a common space in which their respective research communities could work together in key strategic areas. However, preliminary investigations done by the ACCESSRU partners, demonstrated three main obstacles:

  • a lack of information about Russian research programmes
  • linguistic barriers and
  • financial and legal issues, which can make the access of the European research organizations to the Russian programmes complicated.

Consequently, the ACCESSRU support action is inspired by the need to improve the S&T cooperation instruments between the EU and its strategic partner - Russia, namely by facilitating the access to knowledge and resources and by developing reciprocity aspects of the S&T agreements.

ACCESSRU has the following objectives:

  • To assess access opportunities in Russia for EU organizations , by  screening of Russian S&T landscape and identifying common challenges, needs and opportunities in S&T in both sides;
  • To raise awareness on access opportunities in Russia amongst European research organizations and to stimulate, encourage and facilitate the participation of European organizations in Russian programmes;
  • To enhance the S&T policy dialogue and to formulate the strategic recommendations on scientific collaboration between Europe and Russia, ensuring the reciprocity issues. 

More information about ACCESSRU is available on the project's website.