23.02.2010 []

The Government of Belarus approved a plan for national exhibitions and expositions of the Republic of Belarus abroad for 2010

To promote domestic technologies, scientific developments, products and services to foreign markets, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus adopted the Regulation No. 151 of February 4, 2010 "On approval of the Plan of national exhibitions (expositions) of the Republic of Belarus abroad for 2010".

According to the plan, S&T developments and technologies will be demonstrated in Cairo, Egypt (March), Hanover, Germany (April), Baku, Azerbaijan (May), Belgrade, Serbia (June), Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia (September), Riga, Latvia and Tehran, Iran (both in late autumn).

Participation of the public R&D organizations in these events is supported from the budget.

The full text of the document is available at http://pravo.by/webnpa/text.asp?RN=C21000151