18.02.2010 []

National Academy of Science of Belarus and Belgian Nuclear Research Center have signed a memorandum of mutual understanding

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NAS) and Belgian Nuclear Research Center (SCK-CEN) signed a memorandum of mutual understanding.

The document aims to develop cooperation in the nuclear research and personnel training. Scientists of the two countries are planning to collaborate in the nuclear physics and nuclear safety, radioactive waste treatment and safe ground disposal. They will study the features of the waste as well as peculiarities of radionuclides migration. They are also supposed to exchange experience in choosing places for burial ground disposal of radioactive waste.
The NAS and SCK-CEN will exchange scientific, technical and common information, pay visits to the production facilities of the two countries, organize seminars and trainings. The signed document will help the partners to unite their efforts within the research projects financed by the European Commission.

The United Institute of Energy and Nuclear Research Sosny, http://sosny.bas-net.by  is the coordinator of the joint activities from the NAS side.

Source: БелТА