11.03.2010 | Minsk, Belarus

Policy dialogue with EECA Stakeholders in ICT for enhancing R&D cooperation and shaping the EU policy in the region starts from Belarus

The EXTEND project of the FP7, “Extending ICT research co-operation between the European Union, Eastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus”, addresses the need for well-defined future research priorities that will enhance scientific and research cooperation between the EECA countries and the EU specifically in the theme of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). In order to accomplish the above objectives, a broad consultation will take place between March and July 2010.
The EXTEND project (project website: http://www.extend-ict.eu)  aims to contribute to the shaping of EU ICT research policy in the region, in a way that meets the interests and actual needs of regional ICT stakeholders.

In order to accomplish its objectives, a broad consultation will take place between March and July 2010, which will result in recommendations on common ICT research priorities for strengthening the co-operation between the EU and EECA countries. In this consultation, all regional ICT stakeholders will play an active role in defining the future ICT research priorities of their countries including: national RTD policy-makers (e.g. ministry official responsible for ICT research policy), research actors (academic, not-for-profit, private), ICT industrial actors as well as representatives of ICT beneficiary communities.

The main outcome of the consultation will be a Policy Paper with “Recommendations for shaping ICT research co-operation between the EU, Eastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus for the period 2010-2015” to be delivered to the European Commission with the aim to influence EU research policy in the region and provide input for the next calls for proposals of the ICT theme of the FP7.

EXTEND will organize a series of consultation workshops in the following countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia.

The first consultation workshop will take place in Minsk, Belarus on 11 March 2010 in the conference hall of “Planeta” Hotel, 31, Pobediteley ave.

Workshop local organizer:

Dr. Tatyana Lyadnova, ICT NCP, EXTEND partner,
Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere
Tel.: + 375 17 2031016; Fax: + 375 17 2033139
E-mail: tlyadnova@fp7-nip.org.by 

The schedule for the other EECA countries and more information about how the policy dialogue is going to be organized is available at http://www.extend-ict.eu/node/405.