24.11.2009 []

Совместное заседание коллегий Министерства образования и науки России, Министерства образования Беларуси и Государственного комитета по науке и технологиям Беларуси

“Russia and Belarus will continue activities on creation of common scientific and educational area”, - Andrey Fursenko, Minister of Education and Science of Russian Federation noted at joint session of the boards of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, Ministry of Education of Belarus and State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus.

At the session the issues of creation of the common educational and scientific & technological area of the Union State of Belarus and Russia, and also training of experts in joint Belarusian-Russian University and branches of Russian higher educational institutions on the territory of Belarus have been discussed.

It was decided to form the working group for development of proposals on ensuring the comparability of diplomas on the education awarded in Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus. It is supposed that the working group will prepare its vision by 1 December, 2009.

Also, the parties have discussed an opportunity to develop a special translation scale in order to unify the results of the Russian uniform graduation exam and Belarusian centralized testing which at the moment are not comparable. “Development of such a translation scale in the long term will allow to recognize automatically results of both exams in Russia and Belarus”, - Alexander Rad’kov, Minister of Education of Belarus has noted.

The parties have agreed to create a constant working group for coordination of common scientific and technological policy of the two countries, and also to coordinate the basic research and S&T developments in priority areas.
Source: www.soyuz.by