GlobalSSH publishes action policy recommendations “Rethinking the Social and Human Sciences”

Global SSH Action “Research Collaboration in the Social and Human Sciences between Europe, Russia, other CIS countries and China” promoted international collaboration between Europe, Russia, other CIS countries and China. With the publication of the action policy recommendations titled “Rethinking the Social and Human Sciences. Towards a framework for creativity in global context” the project has now accomplished its work.
The GlobalSSH project ended in May 2009.  Its focuses were on
  1. mapping and assessing SSH capabilities in seven Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia,Ukraine, Uzbekistan; and China. This included studies of the institutional landscape (including institutional innovation and change) and the research policies that structure advances in SSH research in the region;
  2. investigating the internationalisation of social sciences, the research infrastructures for internationalised social sciences and the experiences and capacities in transnational SSH research in the EU, Russia, other CIS countries and China;
  3. placing the above mentioned areas in historical context by synthesising what we know about the rise and transformation of the social and human sciences, in Europe and beyond, as these were related to the emergence of modern states and universities and on
  4. identifying common agendas for future transnational research and formulating policy recommendations for setting up priorities in the SSH and the designing of future research programmes within the context of the enlarged ERA, supporting the mobilisation of scientifi c co-operation between the EU-CIS and the EU-China research communities.

With a final newsletter the project ccordinators have published a summary of action policy recommendations, which can be downloaded here.

The full report is also available on the project's website, please klick here.