28.02.2018 []

'Life Science Talk' at German Embassy in Moscow

Life sciences are a priority in many countries. But how can research lead to concrete products and services? Which instruments for the commercialisation of research projects exist in Germany and in Russia? What are the opportunities for scientists in both countries to implement joint projects? These questions were in the focus of an event titled 'Life Science Talk', which was jointly held in Moscow on 21 February 2018 by the German Embassy, the German Science and Innovation House (DWIH), the Helmholtz Association and the companies Bayer and Merck.

The interest in the topic was considerable: over 200 guests attended the event. The aim was to present successful models of cooperation between science and industry in Germany and Russia, thus giving impulses for new partnerships.

In the first part of the event, representatives of the German Embassy in Moscow, the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, the Helmholtz Association and the Federal Research Center for Biotechnology held lectures on research funding programmes in the field of life sciences.

The presentations were followed up by a panel discussion with German and Russian research organisations, universities and companies on successful examples of cooperation between science and industry. The participants showcased their experience, discussed factors influencing the implementation of research projects and difficulties on the way to commercialisation.

The final part was devoted to general opportunities and instruments of bilateral cooperation in the field of science and innovation. German and Russian research and funding organisations presented their programmes to promote science and innovation projects and answered questions from the audience.

Source: German Embassy Moscow