19.11.2012 []

Innovation Policy in Kazakhstan

On initiative by industry minister Asset O. Issekeshev, Kazakhstan's President Nazarbayev met with the European Commission's DG  for Research & Innovation to discuss innovation policy and research cooperation. Manfred Horvat, Senior Policy Analyst and Honorary Professor at Vienna University of Technology, reported at this meeting about the Policy Mix Review performed for the IncoNet CA/SC project; Kamila Magzieva, National Coordinator of FP7 in Kazakhstan and Director of InExCB-KZ, presented the FP7 project EU PEARLS.


Participants in the meeting with the President of Kazakhstan, from left to right:
Manfred Horvat - Vienna University of Technology; Juergen Sanders - EC, DG Research & Innovation; Kamila Magzieva - FP7 NCP Kazakhstan, and Independent Expert Consulting Board to Promote Scientific Research Activity in Kazakhstan (InExCB-KZ) ; Aidyn Kulseitov - National Agency for Technology Development (NATD); Josef Hohgerner - Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI)

(photo kindly provided by Kamila Magzieva)

The President showed great interest in this project, which may lead to establishing a new industry in Kazakhstan for growing natural latex, based on a Kazhak plant (called 'Russian Dandelion'). Kazakhstan considers investing initially EUR 150 million to develop this industry, together with European researchers and tyre manufacturers.

Innovation Policy is important for Kazakhstan. A recent law requires Kazakh state enterprises to invest a minimum percentage of their turnover into developing new products. This creates much interest in the FP7 cooperation scheme, and also in the CIP database with 13,000 technologies on offer. To support further cooperation in the innovation sector, the IncoNet CA/SC project organises an exhibition of more FP7 research projects at the Astana Economic Forum in May 2013.

Projects interested in participating at the exhibition should contact: George Bonas (IncoNet CA/SC Project Coordinator)

Source: Jürgen Sanders, DG Research & Innovation, Directorate International Cooperation