29.05.2012 []

New Document: 'Analytical paper on the use of Lifelong Learning Programmes to Science and Technology cooperation'

IncoNet EECA project has recently published an “Analytical paper on the use of Lifelong Learning Programmes to Science and Technology cooperation”. The document addresses the participation of the EECA countries in the Life Long Learning programme (LLP), Erasmus Mundus and Tempus with regards to academic institution building, human potential development, research and joint training activities.

The report concludes that the most relevant programmes with regards to the studied aspects are Tempus and Erasmus Mundus, although also LLP contains a number of actions that help universities and educational institutions to network, conduct staff training or exchange of knowledge. This paper summarises that all of the programmes are continuously opening up towards third countries including EECA countries. Positive is also the fact that budget reserved for the Eastern Partnership Countries in Erasmus Mundus and Tempus will be massively topped up for the next year Call. To provide a comprehensive view of the topic, Erasmus4all, the new programme integrating and simplifying the previous programme lines is discussed at the end.

The analytical findings of this report result in the Draft recommendations for exploiting the opportunities and the synergies between S&T cooperation and Lifelong Learning Programme, that are tailored to the EC stakeholders, EECA stakeholders and the EECA Higher Education Institutions.

Download Analytical Paper.

Source and further documents: IncoNet EECA project website provided by ZSI