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Золотой медалью Джорджа Гровера награжден ученый Национальной академии наук Беларуси

Prof. Leonard L. Vasilyev, Head of the Laboratory of Porous Media, Institute for Heat and Mass Transfer named after A.V. Lykov, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, doctor of technical sciences and the founder of heat pipes scientific school in Belarus has been awarded George Grover Gold Medal. This Medal is awarded by the permanent Committee on International Heat Pipe Conferences to scientists who make significant contribution in developing the two-phase heat transfer devices (heat pipes) and technologies of their fabrication. The Medal is named after George Grover who initiated research in the field of heat pipes in 1960. It will be awarded to the Belarusian winner in May 2012 in Lyon (France) at the 16th International Conference on Heat Pipes. In 1973, in Stuttgart (Germany) the first conference of leading experts in this area took place. Since then, it is hold in different countries bi-annually.

Leonard Vasilyev, the winner from Belarus is the author of 14 monographs, including 3 collective ones in English, about 600 articles and reports, 218 certificates of authorship, 12 international patents. Prof. Vasiluev is a Belarus State Prize laureate. Also, he has USSR Council of Ministers Prize, the international prize named after academician A. Lykov awarded by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the award after the outstanding Indian researcher A. Ramachandran and other awards, including those for his outstanding contribution to the development of science and technology of heat pipes.
Heat pipes are heat superconductors which are capable to transfer the heat from one point to another without loses: heat flows from a few watts to several kilowatts at different orientations in the gravitational field, as well as in zero gravity without using any additional energy sources.

Currently, heat pipes have been successfully used in thermal systems of space installations,  for cooling computers, electronic and electrical devices, for heating various objects, in refrigeration, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, heat exchangers, heat pumps, air conditioners, power supplies, etc.

Source: National Academy of Sciences of Belarus provided by Olga Meerovskaya, BelIsa