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Издан краткий доклад о состоянии и перспективах развития науки в Республике Беларусь по итогам 2010 года и за период 2006-2010 гг.

The summary report is a shortened version of the annual report to the President and Government of Belarus. It presents information about development of the science and technology in the country in 2010 and for the 2006-2010 with a focus on innovation policy priorities, outcomes of the state S&T programs and projects, as well as on introducing R&D results in the economy. The report contains proposals about further improving the national policy in science, technology and innovations and broadening the innovation activities.

The report might be of interest for experts in state management, national and foreign researchers, developers of S&T products, entrepreneurs and investors, partners, and also foreign policy makers deciding about strengthening political and economic cooperation with Belarus.

Issued in Belarusian, Russian, English, German and Spanish languages.

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Source: http://www.scienceportal.org.by/en/news/e8597aaa675a1fd9.html