25.06.2010 [News]

Attracting leading scientists to Russian universities

On April 9th, 2010, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed decree No. 220, "Measures to Attract Leading Scientists to Russian Educational Institutions", through which 3 billion rubles have been approved from the federal budget in 2010, with an additional 5 billion rubles allocated in 2011, and another 4 billion rubles in 2012.

Program funds will be available through a competitive grant process. "Grant stipends will be offered in amounts of up to 150 million rules for each research project in 2010-2012, with opportunities to extend the research period for 1-2 years," according to an official government release.

Funding for the program comes not from the current educational budget, but new additional federal appropriations.

Technical grants will be determined by the host institutions where winning recipients will conduct research, though use of funds must be in full agreement with the scientist to whom the grant was offered. The call for proposals is open, with any Russian higher education institution eligible to apply through a joint proposal with the scientist applicant. Scientists of all nationalities and countries of residence are eligible to apply.

The number of projects undertaken by each institution of higher education is unlimited, but only one research project is allowed per scientist applicant.

Upon approval of project funding, scientists will form their research team from members of the host university. Each research team should consist of no fewer than two PhD candidates, three graduate students, and three undergraduate students. Salaries and compensation for the visiting scientist and members of the research team are not to exceed 60% of the total grant allotment.

The Grant Council of the Russian Government, headed by Education Minister Andrei Fursenko, will determine priority areas for research and evaluate submitted proposals for funding.

Scientists will have free range in determining the area of their research, limited only by the general guidelines determined by the Council.

All conditions for fulfilling project proposals will be subject to special agreements between visiting scientists and their host universities. In accordance with that agreement, the visiting scientists will assume responsibility for organizing and managing their work.

Source and link to further information: http://eng.mon.gov.ru/pro/ved/uch/