25.05.2010 [News]

First EU-Russia Innovation Forum prepares materials for EU-Russia Summit in Rostov-on-Don on 31 May/1 June 2010

The First EU-Russia Innovation Forum is currently taking place in Lappeenranta (25-27 May 2010). The objective of the Forum is to prepare the Top-5 Initiatives for both the EU-Russia Innovation Collaboration and the Modernization Partnership, to be delivered at the next EU-Russia Summit on 31 May/1 June in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. For the preparation of these proposals there has been two expert workshops arranged first in Antwerp on 27-28 April 2010 (review and materials of the workshop) and second in St. Petersburg on 11-12 May 2010.

As a results of these workshops 4 working groups have prepared proposals for EU-Russia Innovation Collaboration Road Maps in the following sectors:

  • Innovation Policy Dialogue
  • Research & University Cooperation
  • Business Cooperation
  • Innovation & Business Support

An expert working session before the official opening of the EU-Russia Innovation Forum is taking place today (25 May 2010) in Lappeenranta City Hall from 9.00 – 11.00. The objective of the session was to further develop the perpared proposals before presenting them in the EU-Russia Innovation Forum tomorrow, 26 May 2010.