07.04.2010 [News]

Results and preliminary results of participation in the 7th Framework Programme EU, theme “Energy”, Work Programme 2010

A training session for National Contact Points for “Energy” FP7 EU was held on March, 17, 2010 in Brussels. In the course of training preliminary results of participation in the 7FP EU in the theme “Energy” were presented.
  • FP7-ENERGY-2010-1 (after 1st stage): 86 eligible proposals, 43 “go” proposals;
  • FP7-ENERGY-2010-2 (before evaluation): 48 proposals received;
  • FP7-ENERGY-2010-FET (after 1st stage): 60 eligible proposals, 22 “go” proposals;
  • FP7-ENERGY-2010-INDIA (after evaluation): 23 eligible proposals, 9 proposals above the threshold;
  • FP7-2010-NMP-ENV-ENERGY-ICT-EeB (after evaluation): 10 eligible proposals, 3 proposals on the ranking list;
  • FP7-2010-GC-ELECTROCHEMICAL STORAGE (after evaluation): 24 eligible proposals, 7 proposals on the ranking list.

Source/ further information: http://www.fp7-energy.ru/18.03_en.php