29.04.2010 [News]

Nanosciences, Materials & Production Technologies: NMP TeAm project has launched a partner search facility

The NMP TeAm project is funded by the European Commission under the FP7-NMP thematic priority (Grant agreement No NMP1-CA-2009-233160). This project is about improving the services of the NMP NCP Network through trans-national activities. The official web-site (http://www.nmpteam.com/) of project was launched in November 2009.

The partner search facility, embedded within the web-site, is now fully functional and it is expected to help build consortiums by providing an FP7-NMP specific search engine. This instrument is a very important resource for all the National Contact Points of the 27 EU member states, 30 associated states and third country contacts working in the thematic priority FP7-NMP, as well as their clients.

The partner search facility presents two important distinctive features: partner search and partner offer. In the first case, for example, a coordinator or consortium with a definite idea for a project looking for further partners to complement the expertise scope of the consortium can submit online a partner search or look for relevant partner offers through a searchable database. In the second case, a potential partner offering expertise looking for collaboration in possible project consortia can submit online their own partner offer or look for relevant partner searches through a searchable database. Once registered, users can edit their profiles and add additional partner searches and/or partner offers after new NMP calls have been published.

Source/ further information: www.nmpteam.com