08.03.2010 [News]

German-Russian Centre for terahertz research established at the University of Regensburg

Terahertz research is the focus of the "German-Russian Centre for Terahertz Research and Technology". The centre, which was recently established at the Institute of Applied and Experimental Physics at the University of Regensburg, is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). On the Russian side, three renowned institutions are involved in the partnership: the Ioffe Institute and the Polytechnic University in St. Petersburg as well as the Lomonosov University in Moscow.

The activities on the German side are coordinated by Prof. Dr. Dieter Weiss and Prof. Dr. Sergey Ganichev, who is the appointed director of the new centre. The terahertz research bridges the gap between the optical and microwave spectral range and promises new applications in solid state physics, medical imaging and security technology. The centre focuses on basic research in the field of spintronics, optics and optoelectronics as well as the development of THz semiconductor sources and detectors. A central aim of the centre is to foster closer collaboration between German and Russian scientists in this active and seminal research area. This will be primarily accomplished by funding guest researcher visits and by organising joint meetings between the participating institutions.


Prof. Dr. Sergey Ganichev
E-mail: Sergey.Ganichev@physik.uni-regensburg.de

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source: http://www.research-in-germany.de/39450/university-of-regensburg-german-russian-centre-for-terahertz.html