05.03.2010 [News]

S&T Gate RUS.EU and S&T Gate UKR.EU – two new web portals launched

Two new web portals will promote S&T cooperation between the European Union and two key players in Eastern Europe: the Russian Fedaration and Ukraine. Both portals feature a wide scope of background information, documents and links, as well as current events, calls and news. They also offer useful tools for researchers, including a programme database with up to date funding opportunities for international cooperation.

Both S&T Gate RUS.EU and S&T Gate UKR.EU aim to improve networking between the research structures of the European Union and the Russian Federation/ Ukraine respectively. Thereby they support the aim of the 7th EU Framework Programme to expand the European Research Area, intensify collaboration with non-member countries and increase mutual knowledge of the various national research landscapes.


  • offers comprehensive and current information on the development of science, technology and research sponsorship in the Russian Federation and in the European Union,
  • delivers detailed information about the scientific landscape in the Russian Federation
  • provides information on collaborative projects with Russia, current calls for proposals, research and sponsorship programmes, research policy developments and partner organisations
  • contains documents, news, event announcements, links to relevant publications and co-operation agreement
  • offers an interactive event calendar
  • allows interested scientists to find Russian key scientific institutes (database) and to contact research working groups (database)
  • posts a regular e-newsletter about the bilateral cooperation between the European Union and the Russian Federation.

S&T Gate RUS.EU also  includes a Database on S&T Programmes, which was jointly developed by ERA.Net RUS and BS-ERA.NET and currently contains ca. 70 international cooperation programmes on bilateral, unilateral and multilateral level providing support for cooperation of researchers in EU MS/AC with researchers in the Black Sea region. The database can be browsed by programme owner and target countries, as well as by thematic priorities and funding opportunities.
This feature is also available here on incrEAST.

S&T Gate RUS.EU is part of the project “BILAT-RUS: Enhancing the bilateral S&T Partnership with the Russian Federation”.


is designed to:

  • intensify international cooperation in Science and Technology,
  • facilitate the networking of research organizations and institutions in the Ukraine and the European Union, and
  • promote the scientific dialogue between Ukraine and EU Member States.

S&T Gate UKR.EU provides:

  • detailed and up-to-date information on the political development in the field of Research and Technology in Ukraine and the EU,
  • a database with more than 200 Ukrainian key S&T institutions,
  • a pathfinder, helping you to identify the most appropriate partner search tool and partners,
  • information about collaborative projects and programmes and calls relevant for cooperation between EU and Ukraine.

The platform addresses researchers, developers and scientists who are interested in carrying out cross-border research projects and gaining experience in cooperating with the European Union. S&T Gate UKR.EU is also aimed at decision-makers in politics and the private sector. The platform offers a broad scope of opportunities to actively take part in the exchange of information. It has been developed and financed by the BILAT-UKR project.

Common features: hands-on information for researchers

Both web portals offer useful tools for European, Russian and Ukrainian researchers, who need hand-on information about potential partners and funding opportunities.

Responsible for maintaining and managing of both web portals, S&T Gate RUS.EU and S&T Gate UKR.EU, is the International Bureau (IB) of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).

For more information, please get in touch with the contact persons given in the right hand side bar.

Contact Persons

  • Stefan Klumpp

    • International Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research c/o German Aerospace Center (DLR)
    • Heinrich-Konen-Str. 1
    • 53227 Bonn, Germany
    • Telephone: +49 228 3821-457
    • Fax: +49 228 3821-444
    • Email Address: stefan.klumpp@dlr.de
    • Homepage: http://www.internationales-buero.de/en/index.php
  • Franziska Müller

    • International Bureau (DLR): Senior scientific officer ERA.Net RUS (ERA-Net Russia), BILAT-UKR (Bilat Ukraine)
    • Heinrich-Konen-Str. 1
    • 53227 Bonn, Germany
    • Telephone: +49 228 3821-447
    • Fax: +49 228 3821-444
    • Email Address: franziska.mueller@dlr.de
    • Homepage: http://www.internationales-buero.de/en/index.php