11.02.2010 [News]

Astronomy Museum opens in Tashkent

The Astronomical Institute of The Academy of The Republic of Uzbekistan is the old scientific organization not only in Uzbekistan but in all of the Central Asia Region.  It was founded in 1873 as Tashkent Astronomic Obsevatory. In 1966 it was reorganized as Astronomic Institute.

The  Astronomic Institute has a rich collection of astronomical instruments that were used in the past. They are very old and can not be used in contemporary Astronomy. In museum these instruments show the development of astronomy as a science and its history.

Annually thousand of pupils from schools, lyceums and proffessional colleges visit the Astronomic Institute, where they can see the achievements of astronomy,  the great creations of our predecessors and get a first impression of scientific-research work.

The new exposition of Astronomy Museum was created with the support of UNESCO.  An outstanding exhibit is the model of the Ukugbek’s observatory main instrument- meridian square, where students and other visitors of the museum can  see the process of astronomic  observation as it has been carried out for more than six centuries in the observatory.

Source: IUCP-T, further information: www.astrin.uzsci.net