14.02.2010 [News]

First number of analytical newsletter in the communication and information sphere «ICTNEWS» published

With the aim of the fullest acquaintance  about the movements  of Informational-communicative technologies (ICT) introduction and development both in Republicof Uzbekistan, and behind its limits the analytical –newsletter was created in the sphere of communication information «ICTNEWS» . The bulletin is created under  the Uzbek agency of communication and information, the Center of electromagnetic compatibility, State Unitary Enterprise " UNICON.UZ " and Open Company « CIB GROUP ». Open Company « CIB GROUP » is engaged with edition and distribution of the Bulletin .

The purpose of creation of the analytical-newsletter «ICTNEWS» is the maintenance of the broad audience of readers with operative news and analytical materials, the actual information on scientific and technical achievements in the sphere of communication{connection} and information, introduction and usage ICT in the governancel , business and social life.

The primary goals of the edition are:

  • Illumination of projects and programs of introduction, development and usage of ICT in the Republic of Uzbekistan, and abroad;
  • The publication of analytical reviews and reports about ICT market ;
  • Operative illumination of actual news in the ICT sphere from reliable sources.

Target audience of the Bulletin are regulating bodies, the enterprises and organizations of the communication and information sphere, local and foreign investors,  managing subjects who is engaged with the introduction and usage of ICT in all  Branches of the economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

With a aim of the fullest illumination of the events in the market of information-communication technologies the bulletin will include 5 basic sections, namely:

  • Section: « ICT: INTRODUCTION and DEVELOPMENT ». This section is devoted to processes of introduction and development of information-communication technologies in the Republic ofUzbekistan. Here, news of the communication and information sphere in the country, news material of ICT adoption in the government, economy, articlesof ICT stages of development , the reforms that is carring out in the sphere, realizing ICT projects in the republic, about  the course of ICT introduction in branches of economy and a public life. Also materials about activity of regulating bodies and the enterprises of the communication and information sphere are published.
  • The section of "TECHNOLOGY" is devoted to the modern information technologies offered in our country by domestic and leading foreign manufacturers. In it the news of technological re-equipment in the country are published, including news of the companies - developers of modern information-communication technologies. In this section it is imeant of wide illumination of achievements and also potential of domestic manufacturers. Besides in the articles of the given section it is a question of the modern technologies given by globalICT leaders in the domestic market, about an effective utilization of those or other technical novelties.
  • The section "ABROAD". Here the materials about ICT conditions, developments and prospects in the world are publishing. In detail the activity of the international organizations in the  communication and information technologies sphere , a situationof ICTmarkets in abroad  are illuminating. News of the international organizations (МСЭ, РСС, ETSI, ICANN, etc.) and foreign countries are publishing in separate subheadings that increases reability of the editions.
  • The section of "ANALYTICS" includes analytical materials, reviews, opinions of experts that gives more possibilities for analysis of the course of reforms in ICTintroduction of information technologies sphere. Articles of this section allow to find out more in detail about tendencies of communication sphere development  and ICT, not only in our country, but also all over the world. Materials with opinions and comments from leading experts about tendencies of ICT market are published in the section, and also the comments on the important changes of normative-legal base of ICTsphere. Interview with the experts will give an opportunity to familiarize with author's responses and opinions about the most significant events.

Source: IUCP-T, further information: www.ictcouncil.gov.uz