04.02.2010 [News]

ERA.Net RUS project workshop in Moscow attracts stakeholder attention

The second ERA.Net RUS workshop was successfully held in Moscow on 27 January. It was received with great interest by stakeholders involved in S&T cooperation between EU MS/AC and Russia. Among the 60 participants were programme owners, members of the ERA.Net RUS Consortium, members of the European Commission, DG Research and S&T Councillors at EU/AC embassies in Moscow. 

The workshop aimed to present and discuss the analytical work implemented in the first year of the ERA.Net RUS project, i.e. analysis on the Russian S&T system and its funding - potential and cooperation opportunities and the current state of bilateral S&T cooperation between EU MS/AC and Russia. Following a plenary discussion, good practice examples of S&T cooperation with Russia were presented by programme owners in the EU and Russia.

The second half of the workshop focussed on the ERA.Net scheme as an instrument of the European Commission to support the cooperation and coordination of programme owners. Thematic ERA.Nets and the results they achieve were one focus, another presentation emphasized on lessons to be learned from Russian participation in ERA.Nets.

For more information visit the ERA.Net RUS website.