20.11.2009 [News]

Kazakhstan in the post crisis world: intellectual breakthrough to the future

The following article was kindly provided by: Dr. Kamila Magzieva, PhD (National Coordinator FP7-NCP-Kz, Director InExCB-Kz)

President Nursultan Nazarbayev visited the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, celebrating glorious anniversary of KazNU – 75 years. University honored to be the leading university of Kazakhstan. KazNU is on the first place among the universities of Kazakhstan, first became a winner of the award of President РК «For achievements in the field of quality». The Head of the state has participated in opening of the new educational building of chemical faculty, he has visited spacious rooms and laboratories equipped with advanced equipment.

Nursultan Nazarbayev had a speech on “Kazakhstan in the post crisis world: intellectual breakthrough to the future”. He has focused on forthcoming performances, particularly on the sight and role of Kazakhstan in post crisis world, which are mostly defined by the capacity of nation to intellectual breakthrough.

– Our goal, – the President said, – is to change the attitude of Kazakhs, especially of the youth towards education, intellect, serving Motherland and its people. It is necessary to create a ground of national intellect, community of erudite people capable to compete on international level.

Everything is reflected in the programme “Intellectual Nation-2020” which is based on three aspects:
The First aspect – is a breakthrough in development of the educational system of Kazakhstan. Today it is important to look at educational processes as more widely as it is possible. Each person should be able to do, to study, to live, to live together in the modern world. These are «four pillars of education» formulated by UNESCO.

– This year by my order, first Intellectual schools in Astana and Semey have been opened. Till 2011 such schools will be opened in each region of the country. Their goals – are to find exceptional children, sphere of their talents and to begin their targeting preparation, – the Head of Kazakhstan said.

The intellectual schools "Bolashak", new International University in Astana – here are the major elements which are urged to approach our educational system to the world standards. High expectations are also assigned to nine national universities leading by KazNU, KIMEP and KBTU. They should be ready to implement the breakthrough in educational system.

The Second aspect of the project «Intellectual nation» – is science development and development of the scientific potential of the country as a basis for innovative economy. Government program for science development 2012 is in realization process. Thanks to this program Kazakhstan has improved 13 items in rating of global competitiveness of the index of “Innovative development”.

But Kazakh science is far from concrete needs of economy at present. Targeting to change this situation recently the Head of RK held a special meeting where a number of concrete decisions on management model and financial part improvement have been taken, i.e. Kazakhstan takes all necessary measures to develop science. But all can be in vain if we will lack of qualified personnel. In near future four areas will greatly influence the scientific-technological view of the world: biotechnologies and biochemistry, ecopower, ecology and antiaging. Kazakh scientists shall already today consider these problems.

The Third aspect of the project “Intellectual Nation” – is development of innovation system. Today for Kazakhstan, as Nursultan Nazarbayev says, an "explosion" of innovative activity is required. Business should search for perspective projects, adapt and work over their realization. In developed countries small and medium business provides with than 50% of all innovations and 70% of jobs! So both our companies and investors should allocate at legislative level means from their profit to innovation, scientific researches and training the employees. Recently issued Law “on state support of innovative activity” urged to promote it.

First of all, it is necessary to create a complex system of technologies transfer and knowledge. It is necessary to generate an effective management system for innovative-technological development, – underlined the President of Kazakhstan.

This is the meaning of the project “Intellectual Nation-2020” directed to formulate a new generation of Kazakh people. Without this, said Nursultan Nazarbayev by concluding his speech, we cannot transform Kazakhstan into competitive human capital country.