24.11.2009 [News]

The Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus №441 approves additional measures to stimulate the S&T and innovative activities

On 7 September 2009 the President of Republic Беларусь signed the Decree № 441 "On additional measures for stimulating scientific, technical and innovation activities" initiated by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, http://president.gov.by/press69817.html. The document envisages the mechanisms of increasing remuneration for those researchers who are directly involved in R&D within the priority areas of S&T activities for the purposes of strengthening the national safety, improvement of life standards of the population and increasing the export of domestic production.

The Decree also gives more power to R&D organizations of NASB financed from the budget to increase substantially (up to 200% of the tariff salaries) the remuneration of the separate experts who carry out R&D connected to creation and development of new kinds of products and technologies, new organizational and technical decisions of industrial and socio-economic character, and also organizing their introduction. The list of such works will be approved by the Presidium of NASB.

In addition, R&D organizations of NASB in which the share of non-budget financing in the total budget exceeds 40% in the previous year, are given the right to increase up to 2 times the tariff salaries of their staff. The other possibility to increase the remuneration is intended for those researchers who are involved in research or development of S&T products for export. They can be awarded in the form of monthly reimbursement in percentage to the money received from realization of S&T products, without the upper limits. The list of such workers, size and conditions of monthly reimbursement is defined by the head of R&D organization.
Source: http://president.gov.by/press69817.html#doc