24.11.2009 [News]

EU-EECA Competence Platform in ICT launched

The Competence Platform is an online service offered through the EU – EECA Gateway on ICT research and development portal. You can use it to promote your ICT competences and to find information about potential partners - ICT experts and organizations of the EECA region and Europe.

Through the Competence Platform you have the ability to:

  • Promote your and your organization’s ICT research competencies so as to increase its participation in European research networks and be invited in research consortia,
  • Identify ICT information sources,
  • Compile available ICT knowledge and expertise,
  • Identify and contact regional key players to form future collaborations via a search engine mechanism.

Through the Competence Platform, the users would be able to find adequate answers to the following questions:

  • Which activities and competencies exist in EECA countries in the ICT R&D area?
  • Who are the suitable contact person and/or organization for a specific technology?
  • What pieces of information, documents, and projects are already available on a certain ICT topic?

By today, more than 5 000 experts and over 140 organizations and companies from EU and EECA in various topics of ICT research have registered in the Competence Platform. 

The Platform is promoted by the consortia of 3 FP7 projects, ISTOK-SOUYZ, SCUBE-ICT and EXTEND making the cluster of ICT support actions in the Eastern Europe region. It is supported by the European Commission.

Visit EU-EECA Competence Platform in ICT now at http://www.eeca-ict.eu/index.php/competence.