24.11.2009 [News]

ICT Help-Desk services for FP7 participants from EECA countries launched

The FP7 EXTEND project launched Help-Desk services on the official website of the project: www.extend-ict.eu/helpdesk.
The Help-Desk services provide guidance and support in relation to the procedures of participation in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) theme of the EC 7th Framework Programme (FP7) to ICT research actors from all Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) countries.

Inquiries in the help-desk can cover all aspects of participation in FP7, as information on open сalls, finding partners, proposals eligibility and communication with the European Commission.

EXTEND has identified the following main areas of support:

  • Proposal Preparation (assistance during the proposal preparation phases)
  • Idea evaluation (preliminary basic evaluation of the proposal idea in terms of checking whether it is compatible with the ICT FP7 priorities and if it’s worth pursuing)
  • Making it understandable (“translation” of the objectives of the Calls into a more "understandable language”)
  • Coaching (in order to check the ideas of applicants with the Commission’s staff the Help-Desk will try to direct him/her to the right people in the EC and also help ask the right questions)

In addition, the Help-Desk offers a Glossary of acronyms, rules and definitions used within the domain of European Union’s Science & Technology programs, Frequently Asked Questions area providing a quick reference to basic aspects of participation in FP7 and a Feedback form, for the quality control of the services offered.

Most of the services are provided via e-mail but telephone calls are also possible. Inquiries can be submitted in countries’ national languages, but all responses will be given in English. The Help-Desk will respond within 2 working days from the first call/inquiry. All inquiries will be handled by the local partners of the project through competent and well-trained on FP7 experts.
This service is expected to enhance the participation of ICT actors from the EECA countries in the research programs of FP7.
Welcome to EXTEND’s Help-Desk now at: www.extend-ict.eu/helpdesk