20.11.2009 [News]

IV Forum of the Union State programs held in November 2009 in Moscow

The basic task of the Forum is to discuss the results of successfully finalized programs of the Union State of Belarus and Russia in entrepreneurship, science and technology, in social, cultural and educational spheres of bi-lateral cooperation. This Forum is also called to define the basic perspective areas of the further mutually advantageous cooperation of the two states.

At the Forum, the following future programs have been presented:

  • “Strategy of development of business in Russia and Belarus”, reporter – A.Biriukov, President of Russian Business Council on Cooperation with the Republic of Belarus, President of “YAROVIT” Holding.
  • “SKIF-GRID”, reporter – S.Abramov, Director, Institute of Program Systems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Corresponding Member of RAS,
  • “Development of catalysts and equipment for resource saving processes in the chemical industry of the Union State”, reporter – V.Parmon, Academician, Director, Institute of Catalysis named after G.Boreskov,
  • “Centre for Basic Research and Innovative Developments on the basis of NICA accelerating complex”, the idea of this S&T program was presented by V.Kekelidze, Head, Laboratory of High Energy Physics named after V.Veksler and A.Baldyn.

Also, the basic areas of cooperation within the joint projects of the Union State in public health services have been presented by V.Rudenko, Deputy Minister of Public Health Services of Belarus. 

The separate part of the event was devoted to the programs carried out by today.
Source: http://www.soyuz.by/