01.10.2009 [News]

Potato-based Bio compounds to be used as fertilisers and plant protecting agent

Scientists from the institute of physical-organic chemistry, from the institute for experimental botanic and from the central botanical garden of the national academy of sciences of Belarus developed two new compounds “Tubelak” and “Tuberit”. These compounds are made from the juice that remains from the production of potato starch.

Tubelak works as a fertiliser and can be used for crops as well as vegetables, herbs and flowers. It increases the crop yield about 20 – 30 percent.
Tuberit works as a biological phytopharmaceutical and decreases the growth of phytopathogenic species down to 15 -20 percent.

These compounds are cheap, because they are made of “waste”. It is planned to start industrial production of these compounds within the next year.

Source: http://www.belta.by/