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Cleantech Forum 2013: Unlocking Growth in an Open Innovation World

Start date: 16.04.2013

End date: 18.04.2013

Location: Bilbao

Country: Spain

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Western countries remain in a state of economic and political paralysis. Governments seem largely devoid of new and differentiated thinking, when it comes to charting radical new paths for economic growth.

Exciting young companies, innovations, and clean technologies abound – but few have broken through in a truly disruptive way at industrial scale. The flows of capital have got yet tighter, the Valley of Death has become even more challenging to cross.

Some of the world´s most important corporations have active sustainability and innovation programmes – but even these forward thinking leaders will privately concede that the open innovation journey has only just begun, and that, to date, they have only captured the lowest hanging fruit.

As the sense of economic malaise and a confidence crisis deepens, we are all in urgent need of a lift. We are hungry for new voices and new leaders with new ideas, for new companies, alliances and partnership models, to show us a new path toward economic growth and job creation.

Cleantech Forum Europe 2013 will venture to the heart of these challenging issues. Gathering in Bilbao, Spain, we will engage in fresh conversations and inject new energy into the cleantech and sustainability dialogue. Keynotes, panels, roundtables and company presentations will all share a focus on 3 key growth questions – Where? How? Who with?

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