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ESF-EMBO Symposium on Integrated Insect Immunology: From Basic Biology To Environmental Applications

Start date: 23.09.2013

End date: 28.09.2013

Location: Pulutsk

Country: Poland

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Insect immunology has been a topic of intense research for more than a century. Nowadays, it is investigated at many different levels, from molecular and cell biology to populations and ecology. Advanced knowledge is gained by novel large-scale sequencing techniques as well as methodologies for genome-wide manipulation of gene expression, both in model genetic organisms and in insects, which benefit humans and their environment or which are agricultural pests or vectors of human diseases. This knowledge has recently begun to be exploited toward improving human life.

This conference aims to bring together scientists from different fields and methodological disciplines of insect immunology to disseminate and discuss the most recent advances in the study of systemic and mucosal innate immunity, microbe-host interactions, and ecological and evolutionary immunity.

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