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Start date: 23.10.2012

End date: 24.10.2012

Location: Copenhagen

Country: Denmark

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What is the conference about?

What happened to the two hundred thousand projects that have obtained innovation support in Europe during the past decade?

Europe INNOVA 2012 will pursue some of the celebrated success stories in European Innovation:

  • What made the success happen? Was it just good luck - or is there a lesson to be learned?
  • Which programmes supported the success? Did the programme make a difference - or did the success happen in spite of the programme and the policy maker?
  • And what happened after the award show? Can we still find any footprints of the project?

  • Get information about the eleven best SME innovation support programmes in Europe! And hear a story about some of the worst programmes in Europe!

    Representatives from enterprises and innovation projects, programme owners from SME programmes, R&D-collaboration programmes and cluster programmes, policy makers and evaluators will be interviewed on stage.

    Innovation experts will jump in at any time if the discussion is not on track! Participate in a critical debate with the European Commission: What can the European Commission do better in the coming years.

    10 conference dogma rules
  • No opening speeches from VIPs – important people will be those who really know what will be the future innovation policy in Europe.
  • No time wasted on long presentation of speakers – the programme and webpage has all the information you need on speakers.
  • No keynote speakers – but we can offer you access to brand new knowledge on innovation policy.
  • No PowerPoint presentations – the speakers will be interviewed on stage by a professional moderator.
  • No reports will be presented – you will get access to reports before the conference. On stage we will focus on discussion and dilemmas.
  • No parallel sessions – you will get access to all the wisdom of the conference.
  • No quotations – participants should contribute with their own thinking, own ideas and original thoughts.
  • No best practice without a critical angle – all cases presented will be submitted to a stress test.
  • No one is allowed to be bored – minimum one good laugh per hour.
  • Lots of breaks – you will get the best opportunities to make contacts, dating and networking.

  • For more information please visit the event website.

    European Commission and Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education
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