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4th Policy Stakeholders Conference: `EU-EECA Cooperation in Research and Innovation: The way towards 2020´

Start date: 15.11.2011

End date: 16.11.2011

Location: Warsaw

Country: Poland

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The conference planned during the Polish Presidency in Warsaw is the fourth, with previous conferences having taken place in Athens (2009), Moscow (2010) and Astana (May 2011).

During these conferences the current state of relations between regions is discussed and experiences are exchanged relating to the development of policies and best practices in the field of systems for the evaluation of national science and technology sector policies. Research topics with global scope are identified and their potential inclusion in FP7 or national strategies for the development of science and technology is discussed. Obstacles which could limit cooperation are defined and joint strategies for solutions to global problems are developed.

During the conference in Warsaw, emphasis will be placed on developing a joint document (a Memorandum/Shared Vision Paper) concerning the perspectives for cooperation in the fields of research and innovation between the EU and countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia to 2010. The final document will be based on recommendations resulting from a previously developed document concerning possibilities and challenges in the context of strengthening cooperation in research and innovation (the White Paper), the principal themes, which will be presented during specific conference sessions.

Conference participants will include representatives of ministries, agencies and organisations responsible for science, research, innovation and international cooperation, representatives of the European Commission, the SFIC, representatives of scientific centres, scientists and researchers, representatives of businesses and experts from the EU, associated states and countries from Eastern Europe and Central Asia (approx. 80 participants).

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