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III. Tashkent International Innovation Forum

Start date: 10.05.2017

End date: 12.05.2017

Location: Tashkent

Country: Uzbekistan

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As a tradition, this year the Committee for Coordination of Science and Technology Development under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan is organising the 10th Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects, where more than 400 new technologies and ideas of different scientific and educational organisations of the country will be presented. Invited are interested organisations, companies and entrepreneurs from the industry. This is a good chance both for the industry and science sector to meet and conclude business agreements.

The III Tashkent International Innovation Forum (TIIF) will be held in conjunction with the Fair. This year the Forum will be divided into several sessions and the participants will discuss the issues like:

  • ways to improve the international collaboration in science and education;
  • the modernisation and innovative reforms in the spheres of economy and social life;
  • transfer technology issues, such as legal aspects and patenting;
  • science and industry partnership issues;
  • innovation in education;
  • research collaboration possibilities and challenges, etc.

The organisers are planning to invite speakers from countries like Germany, U.S.A., Japan, South Korea, Italy, Singapore, Russia, as well as other CIS and EU countries, and representatives from the international organisations such as DAAD, UNESCO, UNDP, ERASMUS+, JAICA, and embassies of several European and Asian countries.

This year Forum’s main focus will be directed at Uzbek-German cooperation in science, technology and innovation (STI) development issues and other ways of science collaboration development between the countries. 

The Organising Committee and its the partners are planning to publish the Proceedings of the Forum. 


  • Committee for Coordination of Science and Technology Development under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan

in partnership with:

  • Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan
  • Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of Uzbekistan
  • Ministry of Economy of Uzbekistan
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan
  • “Uzbekneftegaz” NHC

Official forum languages: English, Russian, Uzbek.

Orgaising Committee:

Committee for the Coordination of Science and Technology Development under
the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan

70 Y. Gulomov St.
100047 Tashkent


Contact person from Uzbek side:

Saidakbar Askarov

Tel.: +(99871) 233 9953
Fax: + (99871) 232 2562



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