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BGRS\SB-2016 - Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure\Systems Biology

Start date: 29.08.2016

End date: 02.09.2016

Location: Novosibirsk

Country: Russia

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Download the  preliminary schedule of the Conference BGRS\SB2016 in PDF format:

The following research areas will be presented at Multiconference BGRS\SB-2016:

  • Section “Genomics, Transcriptomics and Bioinformatics”
  • Section “Evolutionary Bioinformatics”
  • Section “Animal Genetics”
  • Section “Proteomics”
  • Section “Computational Pharmacology”
  • Symposium “Systems Biology”:
    • Section “Bioinformatics and Systems Biology of Cell Death”
    • Section”Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology of DNA Damage Response”
    • Section “Systems Biology of Aging”
    • Section “Bioinformatics and Systems Biology of Plants”
    • Section “Systems Computational Biology.”

Series of collateral symposiums and events are planned in frame of the Multiconference:

For more details visit the event website.


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