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Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle

Start date: 01.08.2016

End date: 07.08.2016

Location: various locations

Country: Turkey

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“Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle” is an annual competition for universities organised by TÜBITAK since 2005. The competition takes place each summer in Turkey and aims to create awareness of alternative energy use, to raise university students’ capability to put their knowledge into practice and to work across disciplinary boundaries.

The competition was first organised in 2005 under the name of Solar Electric Vehicle Challenge (Formula-G). In 2007, Hydrogen Fuelled Vehicle (Hydromobile) category was added to the competition.

Looking at the research and practices all over the world concerning electrical vehicles, it seems that battery-fed vehicles are at the forefront and in the near future battery-fed vehicles will become common in our daily lives. For that reason, the Battery Electric Vehicle (Electromobile) category has been included within the scope of the competition since 2014.  

The rules are designed to provide teams to demonstrate their electric cars’ efficiency and test the reliability of their mechanics and electrical systems. The challenge attracts more than a thousand students each year. Besides widening their understanding of alternative energy technologies, it allows students to improve their marketing and management skills.

The “Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle” competition, with the participation of international teams for the first time in its 12th year, aims at deepening the environmental sensitivity of university students and creating environments that will enable the development of new technological advancements.

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