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Escaping the exclusion or sustaining the privilege? A complex reality of student mobility from Kazakhstan

Start date: 30.05.2016

End date: 03.06.2016

Location: Astana

Country: Kazakstan

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Workshop Series under the Newton – Al-Farabi Partnership Programme

The Newton – Al-Farabi Partnership Programme has awarded funding to support several workshops as part of the British Council’s Researcher Links Programme. These workshops will bring together early career researchers from the UK and Kazakhstan to discuss their research, build contacts for future collaboration, and work on some of the key development challenges affecting Kazakhstan. 

The organisers are inviting early career researchers to apply to participate in the workshops. The funding will cover expenses related to participation in the workshop for all successful participants, including accommodation, travel and subsistence. 

Download the details of the upcoming workshop below.

Eligibility: This is open to early career researchers (PhD + 10 years maximum) based in the UK and Kazakhstan

Workshop: "Escaping the exclusion or sustaining the privilege? A complex reality of student mobility from Kazakhstan" | Astana | 30 May - 3 June, 2016

The workshop on student mobility in Kazakhstan is expected to inspire the participants to consider:

  1. Why do those who study abroad return to Kazakhstan and how do those who come back contribute to societal wellbeing?
  2. How do future possibilities of studying abroad increase pupils’ motivations and family investment in education at the secondary school level?
  3. Does study abroad provide an “escape route” for thedisadvantaged and thus considerably improve their well-being or does student mobility perpetuate the existing patterns of exclusion from educational opportunities?
  4. Who are the students going abroad and who are the excluded? and,
  5. Which policy avenues can be the most effective for Kazakhstan in its attempt to achieve economic development without sacrificing individual and social well-being?

This workshop will focus on how outbound student mobility influences individual and societal well-being in Kazakhstan, and will contribute to generating a better understanding of educational trajectories for poor, rural, and/or disabled young people who may have relatively restricted access to study abroad opportunities.

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