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BRICS Global University Summit

Start date: 26.10.2015

End date: 28.10.2015

Location: Moscow

Country: Russia

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BRICS Global University Summit (GUS) is an official event of Russian presidency in BRICS. It will unite more than 400 representatives from leading universities of BRICS member-states, international organizations and research centers. Russian ministers of Foreign Affairs and Education as well as the leaders of other ministries and departments, whose work field is the subject of cooperation under BRICS, are expected to speak to the participants to present the Russian point of view. During the special session of the Summit, devoted to the university science, Ministers of Science of the BRICS countries are expected to take part in the discussion.

During BRICS GUS the participants will discuss both educational agenda and the key topics of the Russian presidency in BRICS. The programme of the Summit contains sessions and roundtables on such issues as academic mobility, educational migration, university rankings and university consortia. The particular emphasis will be put on the problems of educational accessibility and distance education that is connected with the previous one. Special attention will be given to the matter of the BRICS Network University.

The topics of the general BRICS agenda will include international finance, reform of multilateral financial institutions, creation of new institutions under BRICS; the issues of international trade and the prospects of preferential trade relations (Free trade areas) of the BRICS countries; the problems of cyber security and the approaches towards international information exchange etc.

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