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"Trouble in the Neighbourhood? The future of the EU´s Eastern Partnership" – launch event

Start date: 10.02.2015

End date: 10.02.2015

Location: London

Country: United Kingdom

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This launch event for the Trouble in the Neighbourhood? The future of the EU´s Eastern Partnership project, in partnership with the European Commission Representation in the UK, will take stock of recent developments in the EU´s relationship with the countries in its eastern neighbourhood: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine.

The issue of the EU´s role in the region and the influence of the Russian-led alternative the Eurasian Economic Union have been at the heart of a major geo-political upheaval. The decision by Ukraine´s then President Yanukovych to reject Eastern Partnership under pressure from Russia in the summer of 2013 lit the spark for the dramatic subsequent events in that country, while Armenia made a similar switch under Russian pressure ahead of the key November 2013 Vilnius summit. This seminar will look at the key planks of the EU´s approach to the region including the offers of Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements, visa liberalisation, funding for reform projects and political engagement.

This is the first of two London seminars and it will examine the issue from the European perspective looking at how Brussels operates towards the region and how the political debate and priorities in member states, particularly in the UK, shapes the development of the Eastern Partnership.

The seminar will act as the London launch event for the new publication Trouble in the Neighbourhood? The future of the EU´s Eastern Partnership. Free copies will be available.

The seminar is free and open to all. Please RSVP to


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