31.08.2009 [News]

Belarus' new innovation concept in preparation

The State Committee for Science and Technology of Belarus (SCST) started working on a new innovation development concept of Belarus for the next five years, Chairman of the Committee Igor Voitov told reporters on 27 July. Among the research priorities for the coming years, Igor Voitov described the development of biotechnology, atomic energy, information technology, management of natural resources, as well as the development and efficiency of the High Technology Park.

The concept will lay the foundation for the national innovation development programme for 2011-2015. It will define the priority avenues of Belarus’ sci-tech development and serve the base for national, regional and branch sci-tech programmes for the next five years.

“Taking part in the development of the concept are the specialists of the Committee and representatives of state-run enterprises and businesses. We will take into consideration the relevant experience of other countries which can be applied in Belarus to boost the national economy,” Igor Voitov said.

He added that a law on innovation policy is to be adopted in Belarus in 2010. The bill is already being studied by the government. It specifies the principles of state regulation of the innovation activity, defines forms and terms of granting state support for innovation activity. The new law is aimed to create favorable conditions for innovation activity, provide a comprehensive legal framework for developing high technology and introducing innovation.

Source: BelTA