14.08.2009 [News]

What is new in the Kyrgyzstans S&T landscape: current development

Kyrgyzstan together with other countries pays much importance to the researches of nanostructures of metals, alloys and other materials. Kyrgyz scientists worked out powder and suspension which improve the work of engine and machinery. Academic Aldashev is engaged with the questions of nano technologies. It is a joint work of the National Academy of Science of the Kyrgyz Republic and National Institute of Cardiology the head of which is a Doctor of Chemical Science Sulaymanova. They have already learned receiving the of nanoparticles.  Also Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University is engaged in some researches of nano technologies. The work which they are making is receiving special ceramics and on powder metallurgy, increasing the memory volume on optic records in different cases.

The use of solar energy is becoming popular in the World. Through it the demand on silicon is increasing the main material for production of solar batteries. With the use of nanotechnologies the production of them can be increased. And in this case Kyrgyzstan has a huge potential for raw materials.

Another more important direction for the promotion of nanotechnologies is construction. For example, addition in concrete mix little quantity of fullerene modifier will reduce the weight of the concrete plates 1.5 and 2 time and as much time increase their durability. In this direction Kyrgyz scientists have got a good result.

Also it is very important to point out the use of nanotechnologies in environmental protection projects. The mining enterprises of Kyrgyzstan are filled up with waste of industrial activity.  They are known to be very harmful for the health of our people and neighboring countries.  Scientists worked out that out of such waste nano pieces in huge quantities can be received and they can be placed in composite materials to produce different details. If we consider that a waste lies on surfaces and their use is economically useful then it is easy to imagine, what a raw-material base Kyrgyzstan has for the development of Nano Industry simultaneously strengthening ecological security. This direction of nanotechnology can become a priority for our republic.

In the field of learning tiny devices under impression of plasma Kyrgyz scientists found out that the received devices have other characteristics too. For example the carbides of refractory metal at the end of experiment turned out to be semiconductor though they have metal conduct, sulfide of copper is diamagnetic, and the powder received in the result of experiment turned out to be paramagnetic. 

Scientist-economists of the academy of Science of the Kyrgyz republic are actively working out the new directions of researches on capitalization of finance, development of regional economics and real sector of our republic.

Innovational technologies of processing medical plants are introduced. Vaccination against tubercles and food additive has been already worked out.There was founded techno park, where a private company on production of artificial diamond instruments on the base of mechanical engineering institute of National Academy of Science was founded.

Source: Prof. Dr. Zhyldyz Bakashova, National Coordinator of FP7 - NCP