17.08.2009 [News]

New Innovation Strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on enforcement of industrial and innovative development of the country

By December 01, 2009, the government of Kazakhstan has to develop a strategy of enforced industrial and innovative development of the country until 2014 based upon the sector plans of the industrialization map and the layout of the production facilities. This strategy is supposed to become one of the main documents correlated with all strategic plans of the state.

During his speech at the XII convention of the ruling party “Nur Otan” held on May 15, 2009, president of the Republic of Kazakhstan informed that in 2010 the country will enter “the five-year period of enforced industrial and innovative development”. The five-year plan will comprise economic model of progress with different case scenarios, indicative performance rates for all sectors for five years, calculation of required financing and other resources to achieve those performance rates, as well as state actions to support business initiatives.

The key entity to execute the five-year plan is the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Industrialization plans are based upon the main regulations of the industrial and innovative development strategy for the years of 2003-2015 and the “30 corporate leaders of Kazakhstan” state program. Currently there is a second stage of the industrial and innovative strategy being realised in the country (2006-2010, so called “stage of active realisation”). In order to provide the necessary balance of all investment programs the government is developing a layout of the territorial and three dimensional development of the country for the relevant period of time, as well as the map of the rational allocation of production facilities.

The main priorities are given to the following sectors: agro-industrial complex, construction industry, oil refining, metallurgy, chemical industry and pharmaceuticals, energy sector, and development of transport and telecommunications infrastructures.

In general now there are 382 projects being realised and developed in the country under governmental control within the frameworks of the industrial and innovative development plan for the total amount of KZT 9.5 trillion (current exchange rate is KZT 150.53/$1), which will create 59.2 thousand workplaces. 37 projects out of them are defined as breakthrough projects for the total amount of KZT 6.5 trillion and will create 11.4 new workplaces. These projects are run under the “30 corporate leaders of Kazakhstan” program. 331 industrial projects of the above mentioned ones for the total amount of KZT 3 trillion will be implemented in the regions and will create 47.8 thousand workplaces. The plan is to launch another 78 projects for the total of KZT 464 billion and create 9589 workplaces in 2009.   

On July 27, 2009, there was the 3rd meeting of the Coordinating Council on enforced industrial development organised in order to size up the results of the preparatory stage of shaping the State program on enforced industrial and innovative development for the period of 2010-2014.

Members of the Coordinating Council, representatives of state bodies, business community, second tier banks, social-entrepreneurial corporations, “Samruk-Kazyna”NWF” JSC, and industrial groups took part in that meeting.
Within the frames of the Coordinating Council there were created 8 sector working groups, financial team and the headquarters – labour body of the Coordinating committee.

Sector working groups have reported the results of the work done on selection of the most promising sector areas, formation of the investment projects list to be further included into the industrialisation Map, as well as financing of developing the master-plans on priority areas of the industry for subsequent financing. For example, based on the actual data within the frames defined by the Head of the state there were identified 50 subareas attractive for investments. The number of the projects has grown up to 94. The Headquarters of the Coordinating Council keep receiving new projects that will be included into the industrialisation Map given that they are approved.
A decision has been also made on creation of new sector working groups to develop machinery construction and tourism areas at the meeting.

The main result of the Coordinating Council’s meeting was the determination to finalise the list of the sector areas, the size of required financing to develop the master-plans to be provided for the State economy modernisation commission within the frames of creation the State strategy on enforced industrial and innovative development for the period of 2010-2014.

At present the Ministry of Industry and Trade is working out the methodologies of technological programs to support competitive projects complying with international standards. Development programs by sectors shall be finished by November 15 so that as of January 1st 2010 the five-year plan will enter into implementation phase.

Methodology will be created by the leading experts of the country from the Independent Expert-Consulting Board to support scientific research in Kazakhstan (InExCB-Kz), National Innovation Fund, Centre of engineering and technologies transfer, and Science Fund.

Source: InExCB-KZ (FP7-NCP)