17.08.2009 [News]

Science Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Science Fund was set up by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in November 2006 and plays one of the key roles in implementing the State program on science development in the country for the period of 2007-2012.

Main activity of the Fund is to support potentially effective R&D companies of the international level with high practical and applied potential.

The Science Fund is a young organization that has been in existence for only 2.5 years. At the same time it has become one of the key elements in the country’s scientific and innovative system.

It is important that all accepted R&D projects were corresponding with market needs and serviced as basis to create dynamic sectors and factories. Efforts and activity of the Fund are exactly focused on attracting private resources into science to facilitate scientific work on developing new technologies required by the real sector of economy.

Priorities of investment activities of the Science Fund are identified by the Supreme R&D committee under the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. These are:

  • nanotechnologies and new materials;
  • biotechnologies;
  • hydrocarbon, mining and smelting sectors, and correlated service areas;
  • nuclear technologies and renewable energy technologies;
  • information and space technologies.

The projects are financed in the following ways:

  1. grants;
  2. investment into capital assets of the legal entities implementing the projects;
  3. joint work on the projects (syndicate or special partnership);
  4. loans;
  5. other (include complex forms of financing), not forbidden by the law of RK.

In order to better support R&D projects the Fund has cancelled calls for proposals and set up the regulations and rules for receiving and selecting the projects on continuous basis according to the above mentioned priorities.

 Source: InExCB-KZ (FP7-NCP)