02.07.2009 [News]

EXTEND Opening Conference: Fostering Scientific and Research Co-operation between Eastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus Countries and the EU

The Conference aimed to introduce to the ICT stakeholders of Eastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus countries the EU concept and opportunities for cooperation in research and technological development within the ICT domain. The event was attended by 13 ICT experts from the following EECA countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova,  Russia and Ukraine.  

The Conference provided an opportunity for the ICT researchers from the region to network with the EU experts and the Commission officer discussing possible collaboration perspectives and projects. The participants of the related ICT projects (SCUBE-ICT, ISTOK-SOYUZ) had the opportunity to make the interim results of their activities visible to the representatives of research and funding organisations who attended the Conference. The event was supported by the EECA cluster (EU-Eastern Europe and Central Asia Gateways on ICT research and development).

The Opening addresses were made by Prof Ion Tighineanu (Vice-President of ASM), Mr Raphael Koumeri (EXTEND Project Coordinator, PLANET S.A.), Mr Vitalie Rabovila (representative of the Ministry of Information Development of the Republic of Moldova) and Mr Klaus Pendl (European Commission – DG Information Society and Media – International Relations Unit). Mr Pendl made a slide presentation of FP7 emphasising cooperation between the EU and the EECA countries in the field of ICT.

The Conference panel session part one focused on the ICT environment of the EECA countries. The EECA experts had the opportunity to present ICT profiles of their countries as well as share the best practices and testimonies.
The second part of the panel session of the Conference discussed in details various aspects of participation in FP7, in particular in the challenges of the upcoming ICT Call 5, providing important advice how to write a successful proposal and find partners using information uploaded on IDEAL-IST and CORDIS portals. 

More information on the Opening Conference is available on the project website: www.extend-ict.eu.