20.05.2009 [News]

The employees of the Academy of Science worked out a unique nanotechnology

The employees of the  Chemistry Institute of the  National Academy of Science of the Kyrgyz Republic have developed  a high-tech, unique nanotechnology on the basis of carbon-fullerene.

The work on the development of nanotechnology in Kyrgyzstan has been carried out for 23 years since 1985. As a result, the unique method on the basis of emission of carbons on components, in particular, so-called fullerene has been developed.

The specialists of the nanotechnology laboratory of the National Academy of Science have developed the method of getting fullerene soot which is very effective if it is added in engine oil. This component not only improves the work of engine but it also eliminates minor defects and scratches.

High technologies are applied in all spheres of vital ability: in space, metallurgy, medicine, agriculture, alternative power, cosmetology, modern electronics and in many other spheres.

Source: National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic