25.05.2009 [News]

Final reports of the second phase of the CREST working group "Internationalisation of R&D” published

The working group “Internationalisation of R&D - Facing the Challenge of Globalisation: Approaches to a Proactive International Policy in S&T” of the EU’s Scientific and Technical Research Committee (CREST) was set up in early 2007 in the frame of the open method of coordination under the German EU-Presidency. It completed its work at the end of 2008.

The aim of the working group was the analysis of approaches of EU member states and associated countries to cooperation with third countries in research, development and innovation. Moreover, good practice examples and lessons learnt in the area of international research cooperation were collected and national internationalisation strategies and initiatives were discussed. Furthermore, the working group contributed intensively in the discussion regarding the development of a strategic European framework for international science and technology cooperation.

The International Bureau of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) participated on behalf of and in close cooperation with the BMBF in the work of the working group and chaired its meetings. Representatives of the 27 EU member states and the countries associated to the EU-Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development were invited to participate in the work of the working group. 

The first report “Policy Approaches towards S&T Cooperation with Third Countries” was already published in December 2007. With the adoption of the conclusions and the recommendations of the report by CREST the first phase of the working group was completed successfully; at the same time the mandate of the working group was prolonged by another year.

In April 2009, several reports of the second phase of the working group were published:

  • General report: Exploring synergies through coordinating policy measures between the EU Member States, Associated Countries and the European Commission – An element of the ‘New Partnership’ for ERA governance. Summary of discussions and recommendations
  • Country report Russia: An Analysis of EU-Russian Cooperation in S&T
  • Country report India: An Analysis of EU-Indian Cooperation in S&T
  • Country report Brazil: An Analysis of EU-Brazilian Cooperation in S&T

These reports can be consulted at the internet pages of the International Bureau of the BMBF http://www.internationales-buero.de/en/2964.php.

The results of the work of the working group were presented to CREST on 3 April 2009.
CREST suggested to the “Strategic Forum for International S&T Cooperation” (SFIC) which was newly established by the Council conclusions of 2 December 2008

  • to develop an integrated concept for systematic, efficient information exchange on S&T policies in third countries and on the cooperation activities with third countries,
  • to foresee activities for the coordination of marketing activities of the European Community, the Member States and Associated Countries in third countries aiming at promoting the European Research Area,
  • to develop reliable and comparable indicators and data collection tools for an impact assessment of policy measures towards the internationalisation of S&T.

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Source: International Bureau of the BMBF