21.04.2009 [News]

ISTOK-SOYUZ kick-off meeting in Russia and Kazakhstan

On April 18, 2009 the Russian partners of ISTOK-SOYUZ project, RTTN and ISPRAS, held the Russian kick-off meeting at the venue of the Ministry of Communications. With the aim to cover FP7 the National Innovation Fund, partner of Istok-Soyuz project in Kazakhstan, held its 5th Hi-Tech Friday Club on 27 March 2009.

Kick-off meeting

The event was attended by the key stakeholders of the Russian IT domain – the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Vladimir Miklushevsky, the Head of Department of RTD and Strategic Development, Ministry of Communications, Oleg Chutov, representatives of the Agency for Science and Innovations and the Agency for Education, FP7-ICT National Contact Point and the European Commission's Delegation, the Russian Academy of Sciences, other research institutions and policy-making organizations, journalists of the leading newspapers of the scientific and IT communities.
ISPRAS informed the audience about the previous project, ISTOK-RU, its progress and primary results. Special attention was paid to the list of 8 priorities in RTD collaboration between EU and Russia, and the summary of obstacles in the way of tightening cooperation between Europe and Russia. RTTN presented the current project ISTOK-SOYUZ, its goals and objectives of the project, the timeline and the primary activities of the project for years 2009-2010.
The audience has been informed about the ongoing activities in integrating EU and Russia IT domains that the Russian government and ministries undertake, and the potential role of ISTOK-SOYZ in this process. ISTOK-SOYUZ partners eagerly offered their support to the working group established by the Ministry of Communications and the European Directorate-General on Information Society and Media.
The meeting concluded with a discussion concerning ISTOK-SOYUZ and general question of cooperation between the EU and Russia in IT domain. The participants discussed the obstacles in the way of better integration between the Russian and European IT RTD communities and highly rated the efforts of ISTOK-RU project on harmonizing RTD cooperation between Russia and the EU. They expressed also the anticipation that ISTOK-SOYUZ project will continue the initiatives of ISTOK-RU project and will facilitate resolving the existing issues preventing from intensifying the RTD operation between Russia and the European Union.

5th Hi-Tech Friday Club of the National Innovation Fund

Among 85 participants were representatives of Kazakhtelecom, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Kazpost, Science Fund, Information and Communication Agency, holding Zerde, National Innovation Fund, Universities, R&D laboratories and IT businesses. The event was preceded by a press conference to distribute information about Istok-Soyuz project in Kazakhstan and Central Asia and was covered by 16 journalists.

More information: http://www.istok-soyuz.eu/