04.02.2009 [News]

Presidents of EurAsEC (Eurasian Economic Community) member states decided to create International Center of High Technologies

At the last meeting of the heads of EurAsEC member states in Moscow on 4 February 2009 it was decided to create International Center of High Technologies. According to the experts, the activities of the future Center should be aimed at joint development and realization of S&T programs and innovative projects that has to support creation of the EurAsEC common research area and attract a wide range of scientists and experts.

The first proposal on investigating the advisability of this structure was discussed and fixed in the protocol of the informal meeting of the presidents of Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan on 19-21 December 2008. Formally, the initiative has been generated by Russia and Kazakhstan who invited other interested countries to join it. In February, the member states were entrusted with the development of concrete proposals on the rules for procedure, financial sources, areas of activities, etc. which have to be elaborated in one month. Belarus has already proposed this Center to be situated on its territory. It considers nanotechnologies to be one of its focus areas. Russia is also ready to host the new international structure.

The next meeting of EurAsEC Highest State Council will be held in Minsk in autumn 2009.

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