04.12.2008 [News]

Belarusian scientists participate in global nuclear energy research

As part of the INPRO movement general recommendations have been developed. Every country can use them to define whether the development of domestic nuclear energy is advisable and economically expedient.

Around two years ago several cooperation projects aiming to resolve global nuclear energy industry issues were initiated. All in all, there are 12 such projects, with Belarus taking an active part in two of them. One project is related to the global structure of nuclear energy industry in the distant future taking into account the closed fuel cycle. Another project is related to studying and developing passive security systems for nuclear power plants.

Besides, in line with the INPRO it’s studied what nuclear technologies will be in demand in future. Such investigations have been carried out in eight countries, including Belarus. Their results were presented at the international conference in Minsk in December 2008 organized by the United Energy and Nuclear Research Institute “Sosny” of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The aim was to share information between the present owners of technologies and their future users, and also to discuss what reactor types and what capacities would be in demand in future.

More information: http://belisa.org.by/en/news/stnews/announce/e140621c473906bc.html

Source: BelTA