Project news: Profile of potential host institutions in EECA

The “People” is a specific Programme of the EU Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7). The actions under the “People” Programme focus on mobility of researchers towards development of their scientific experience and career. The Programme is open to all domains of scientific and technological research and contains schemes for international mobility with Third Countries which are neither EU Member States (MS) nor Associated to FP7 Countries (AC). To promote a submission of joint proposals of EECA research organisations and European researchers the filled Questionnaires are posted here.

Potential Host Institutions in EECA countries for EU researchers for FP7 People International Outgoing Fellowships (IOF)

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Co-operation with Third Countries are implemented through the following actions

  • Initial training of researchers to improve mostly young researchers: support of competitively selected networks of organisations from different MS/AC countries engaged in research training. The networks are built on a joint research training programme, responding to well identified training needs in defined scientific areas, with appropriate reference to interdisciplinary fields.
  • Industry-academia pathways and partnerships stimulate intersectoral mobility and increase knowledge sharing through joint research partnerships in longer term co-operation programmes between organisations from academia and industry, in particular SMEs from MS/AC.  The partner organisations from MS/AC can recruit and/or host eligible researchers from Third Countries.
  • International Incoming Fellowships (IIF) is open to experienced researchers from Third Countries. It provides financial support to individual research projects presented by the incoming experienced researchers in liaison with a legal entity ('host organisation') in a MS/AC, as well as possibly a 'return host organisation' if the researcher's country or origin is an International Cooperation Partner Country.
  • International Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES) is staff exchanges and networking activities between European research organisations and organisations from Third Countries.
  • International Outgoing Fellowships for Career Development (IOF) offer financial support for advanced training and trans-national mobility, for individual projects presented by experienced researchers from MS/AC in a host organisation from Third Country.

Results of the previous Sixth Framework Programme show that the most applicable scheme among EECA(Eastern European and Central Asian) countries is the IIF scheme whereas for USA and Canada is OIF and almost no OIF projects were with the EECA countries. But OIF scheme can be beneficial for EECA research organizations which can host the qualified researchers from the EU and AC for implementation of the research project for the period of between 1 and 2 years. EU grant will cover travel and allowance expenses of researchers and costs for implementation of research in host organizations: fixed amount of € 500 per researcher-month for non-laboratory research projects or € 800 per researcher-month for laboratory based projects; 3% of the total EC contribution for the management activities and 10% of direct costs except for subcontractors to overheads. 

The goal of IncoNet EECA project “S&T International Cooperation Network for Eastern European and Central Asian Countries” is to stenghten the scientific and technological cooperation between the EU Member States and Associated Countries on the one hand and the Eastern European and Central Asian countries on the other. The IncoNet EECA project includes activities aiming at: an enhanced participation of researchers from EECA countries in FP7 “Cooperation”, “People”, “Capacities” actions. For “People” programme the project participants prepared a presentation of the programme (in Russian) and monthly disseminate Newsletters.


There is lack of information about research organizations in the EECA countries, which are interested in hosting of the EU MS/AC researchers for the period of between 1 and 2 years.

The host organisations in the EECA countries should meet the following requirements:

  • English (or other European languages) speaking staff
  • Modern laboratory and office equipment for research in respect scientific area (if needed for a project implementation)
  • Assistance and support in observance of national migration legislation (visa support, registration at migration office if necessary, prolongation of visa, etc.)
  • Existence and assistance in selection of appropriate accommodation for researcher taking into account his/her family statues
  • Assistance in selection of kindergarten / school if fellow arrives with his/her children
  • Management of the project implementation with return host organisation located in EU MS or AC (main Contractor) and researcher, including financial issues
  • Administration of the project implementation in accordance with internal rules of organisation
  • Existence of national language courses (if needed).

The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect information about research organizations from EECA countries for potential hosting of European researchers with the aim to implement research project under IOF.

To promote a submission of joint proposals of EECA research organisations and European researchers for IOF competition within FP7 “People” programme the filled in Questionnaires will be posted here on the web-site, announced to and disseminated among Mobility National Contact Points of the EU MS and AC.

Questionnaire: download form

Source: HSE

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