24.10.2008 [News]

OECD Country Note Science and Innovation: Russia (2008)

The OECD has created individual country profiles of science and innovation performance for the new "Science, Technology and Industry (STI) Outlook 2008". All OECD member states and the six observer states in the OECD Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy (Brazil, Chile, China, Israel, Russia and South Africa) are covered. You could find the "OECD Country Note Science and Innovation: Russia (2008)" under www.oecd.org/dataoecd/18/38/41559779.pdf

The OECD explains the method used for generating the country profiles, provides help for interpretation and makes data and data sources available in its document "Methodology Country Notes":

The individual country profiles are accessible in the list on the country pages of Kooperation international:

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Dr. Sonja Bugdahn 

More information on Russia and the OECD: http://www.oecd.org/country/0,3377,en_33873108_36016497_1_1_1_1_1,00.html

Source: International Bureau of the BMBF