31.07.2008 [News]

WIPO World patent report: Belarus occupies 4 place in number of nationals’ patent applications

According to the 2008 edition of the World Patent Report of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) patents granted worldwide increased by 18% with some 727,000 patents granted in 2006 alone. The total number of patents in force worldwide at the end of 2006 was approximately 6.1 million. The report, based on 2006 figures (the last year for which complete worldwide statistics are available) also shows increase in patent filings in North East Asian countries (mainly China and the Republic of Korea (ROK)) and the United States of America (USA) and growth in worldwide filing of patent applications, which topped 1.76 million in 2006, representing a 4.9% increase over 2005.
The share of total worldwide patent applications submitted by applicants from the top 10 countries of origin (i.e. the countries in which applicants reside) increased from 82.4% (2000) to 85.2% (2006). Applicants from Japan, USA, ROK, Germany and China accounted for 76% of the total number of patent applications filed worldwide in 2006.
The bulk - some 73% - of the 727,000 patents granted across the world in 2006 was concentrated in a small number of countries of origin - Japan, the USA, ROK and Germany. Between 2000 and 2006, the number of patents granted to applicants from China and ROK grew by an annual average of 26.5% and 23.2% respectively.

According to 2008 edition of World patent report, Belarus has improved positions in world rankings in which inventor’s activity corresponds to GDP and expenditures for R&D. Among 69 countries of the world Belarus occupies 4 place (63,91 applications) against 13 in 2005 (15,36 applications) in number of nationals’ patent applications to 1 bln USD of GDP after Korea (121,56), Japan (86,53) and Uzbekistan (85,87). Belarus became the world leader in number of residents’ patent applications to 1 mln USD of R&D expenditures (12,34 applications) having outstripped in this parameter, in particular, such countries, as Republic Korea (7 places, 5,60 applications), Russia (8, 3,38), Japan (10, 2,64), China (11, 2,44), Germany (19, 0,82) and USA (20, 0,78).

More information: http://www.wipo.int/pressroom/en/articles/2008/article_0042.html

Source: WIPO