10.10.2008 [News]

SME DNC Armenia Member of the Enterprise Europe Network

In 2007, the tender was announced to select partner organizations for the Euro Info Center, and the proposal presented by the Fund "Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center of Armenia" (SME DNC of Armenia) at the tender has been approved by the European Commission. As a result, the SME DNC of Armenia as the host partner organization became the member of the renamed "Enterprise Europe Network" in 2008.

Supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in the Enterprise Europe Network member countries to develop their innovative potential and be involved within EU’s making activities directed to the entrepreneurship support is the aim of the Enterprise Europe Network. The Enterprise Europe Network offers to entrepreneurs the broadest range of one-stop shop services which will give opportunities to develop and internationalize their entrepreneurial activities.

Currently, the Enterprise Europe Network is present in 27 EU member countries, EU candidate countries - Turkey and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, members of the European Economic Area (EEA) - Norway and Iceland, as well as starting from 2008 - Israel, Switzerland and Armenia. The Enterprise Europe Network is made up of around 600 organizations providing tailored business services in more than 40 countries, including chambers of commerce and industry, regional development agencies and university technology centers employing around 4000 experienced professionals.

The EEN provides comprehensive support to the network member SMEs in the directions as the follows:

  • providing information on EU’s making policies, legislation, standards, possible sources of financing, business cooperation opportunities and other EU issues
  • supporting SMEs to establish new business cooperation, identify new would-be business partners and conduct market researches
  • supporting to carry out the negotiations and endorse a cooperation agreements
  • supporting SMEs to evaluate their efficiency and opportunities for doing cross-border business activities
  • assisting to SMEs applying innovations for R&D activity and commercializing of their innovative undertakings
  • providing feedback from the enterprises, response on interested issues.

On October 7, 2008 Press conference of the minister of economy of RA Nerses Yericyan was held. The event was organized to inform the society about the joint activities with SME DNC of Armenia on information and training support programs about recent changes in RA legislation for SMEs.
More information: http://www.smednc.am/index.php/en/5/

Source: CIT